Pan Card

Apply New Pan Card / Correction in Pan Card


In India, all the pan card applications are taken and accepted by NSDL and UTI online as well as offline at the rate fixed by the Govt. of India through their agencies / branches which are known as TIN Facilitation Centers (TIB-FC). For accepting, offline applications TIN-Fcs (Branches) have been established by NSDL and UTI both through out at India but not in all towns and villages. Some private companies including UCIL are also providing online services through NSDL or UTI or their TIN-FCs.

If any one wants to apply new pan card afresh online, he / she may apply through or directly through websites of NSDL or UTI. Before applying for new / fresh pan card, applicant should have valid ID proof for (1) Personal ID (2) Address Proof and (3) Proof Of Date Birth. These three Id proofs may be fulfilled by single ID proof (Like Driving License) or by more than one Proofs.